About Fractal Entrepreneurship Foundation

The Fractal Model

This is a new kind of Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Model that exponentially Impacts Society and the Environment positively. It takes inspiration from how Fractals function in Nature. The founders have a deep desire to help youth in India overcome unemployability. The only way this can be done is by following the principles that create and nurture fractals in Nature. A beautiful framework for businesses has been created by which literate young entrepreneurs would take on people from a not-so-prosperous background and partner with them in creating a network of B2C ventures on a social franchise basis.


The incubation model invites young adults aspiring to become social entrepreneurs. The program is soon going to be a virtual one. Until then, you could write to info@fractalentrepreneurship.org to explore remote mentoring of the same kind of incubation.


The fractal model does not stop with just incubation but connects groups of fractals together to form a deep relationship between like-minded organisations to promote a strong community of entrepreneurs who help each other to succeed continuously.


The incubation follows a mentoring process that uses Special Tools and Techniques training aspirants in the areas of
1. Discovering their idea for venture,
2. Innovating at Low Cost,
3. Prototyping to succeed
4. Launching and bootstrapping and
5. Finding Ethical Investors.

Successful Fractal Entrepreneurs

Starting a Social Venture on such a sure-footing would not have been possible without TFEF. The Foundation helped me set up PHC Lifestyle CLinic as well as Sampoorna Ahara, a whole food plant based Food Delivery Centre.
Fractal Entrepreneur
Dr. Achyuthan Eswar
Co-Founder, Sampoorna Ahara

The Fractal Model for Urban Mali Network has helped me realise my dream of bringing awareness about the importance of planting native plants in gardens to lay people. Without the model, I would have struggled to tackle the huge set of issues that arise when you wish to set new trends that are based on social and environmental reforms.
Fractal Entrepreneur
Dr. Vandana Ritha Krishnamurthy
Co-Founder, Urban Mali Network

In following this system, I have learnt that there is a way to engage in business that is truly wholesome. For you, for your colleagues, and for the world. It takes guts, inspiration and commitment. All of which Radha inspires in us.

Janani Eswar
Founder, Growing in Nature
Founder, Sourdough Breads n Spreads – An Initiative of Sampoorna Ahara

A one-stop Centre for

Sustainability and
Self Development

“You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.” –Albert Einstein

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